Yoi Sushi

Want to eat high-quality Japanese food? Looking for a high quality restaurant without breaking the bank? Visit Yoi Sushi in flushing, NY.

First of all, You must try the Yoi Sushi deluxe lunch! This is really the best value I have ever seen! Let's take a look at the first thing: Pork Katsu / Chicken Katsu / Roasted Chicken Fillet + 3 Sashimi + 3 Sushi + Tempura x2 / Calamari + Tuna Sushi Roll + Mango Crab Salad + Free Ice Cream / Desserts.

It seems too good to be true at first, can you guess how much this meal cost?

Do you think this is a gimmick? We did too! But the quality is great! Sashimi and sushi are the chef's daily specials, which are very fresh.

Shrimp Tempura are fried golden yellow, which is perfectly paired with pork katsu. The Pork Katsu is thick, with katsu sauce which balances the taste of pork with the tarty taste of the sauce. Mango crab salad is very refreshing and delicious, but also sprinkled with fresh fish roe.

This tuna roll sushi is small and surprisingly delicious. There are seared tuna, spicy tuna, mango and asparagus, avocado and seaweed on the outside, which tastes amazing and crunchy.

The deluxe menu has so many choices for $10.95. In other places the bento boxes doesn’t even compare to the deluxe lunch. Most sushi places start their sets at around $30 which makes us wonder why can’t the other places have similar quality, quantity and be priced so close to Yoi Sushi? The secret is that the restaurant orders directly with fishermen in the Tsukiji market in Japan. By cutting the middle man, giving customers higher quality food at more realistic prices!

Note: The Deluxe lunch and fried chicken / stewed chicken, etc., are offered every day from opening to 4PM, dine in only!

unagi Don $17.99

Unagi don or eel over rice can be one of the most staple foods in Japan. Most restaurants serve Unagi don by putting sliced pieces of microwaved eel on top of white rice followed by a large amount of unagi sauce, which is not the way how it should be cooked. Instead, a large piece of eel should be grilled and placed on top of the rice. In addition to cooking the eel using the traditional method, but they also use harder to find larger eels, since they have more flavor!

The eels are shipped from Japan and after baking, it is over a foot long and nearly 5 inches wide. The larger the eel, the richer the meat with abundant fat. The charred edges lets you know that it is grilled to perfection and should be very juicy and tender.

The best way to eat uniagi don is to let the whole eel rest so that the thick eel sauce, can seep through to the rice. Then stir the rice, together with seaweed and a small piece of eel and eat it. The flavor is amazing, the sweet taste of the sauce, is mixed with the savory taste of the eel and the freshness of the seaweed!

The savory juices from the grilled Eel has a unique taste when combined with unagi sauce, it becomes a thick sauce with salty and sweet flavor. It is worth mentioning that the plating of the unagi don dish has white sauce, which is a coconut sauce, red sauce, which is a cranberry sauce, and garnished with green herbs. The restaurant also has a regular version of unagi don for $10.99

Its hard to tell the difference of Eel quality just by looking at it, but you can taste the difference!

lobster 3 way $26.99

Made from fresh lobsters from Maine. Each lobster served is about a pound and a half. The head is peeled off and the meat is removed from the tail, leaving behind crystal clear lobster meat. The meat is then sliced and prepped. No cooking, pickled or margination required. Raw lobster meat is very crisp, unusual slippery, and topped with tobiko.

The eels are shipped from Japan and after baking, it is over a foot long and nearly 5 inches wide. The larger the eel, the richer the meat with abundant fat. The charred edges lets you know that it is grilled to perfection and should be very juicy and tender.

Lobster claws are removed from the lobser, sliced in half and baked. Most people would bake lobster with cheese, but Yoi Sushi uses mayonnaise, which is healthier and sweeter.

The shells and the head is used as ingrediants for the lobster soup. Cartilage makes the best ingredients for a sweeter soup.

Santa Barbara live Uni (sea urchin)

Straight from California to the sushi bar to garentee freshness. Santa barbara sea urchins are known to be super large, sweet and creamy, a special only for $10. It is almost impossible to purchase a whole santa Barbra sea urchin in New York. Enjoy one for $10 at Yoi sushi with a $68 purchase.


Yoi Sushi, a full-service Japanese cuisine and sushi restaurant that works to develop and serve modern, delicious Japanese meals and items inspired by classic, cultural dishes from Asian culture, this week announced they are introducing two new promotions at once.

Now offering a birthday promotion, as well as a dine-in discount, Yoi Sushi is welcoming everyone in the community to come in and experience their exquisite food.

The birthday promotion entails a free Lobster, Clam, Botan Ebi sushi, or sashimi for free. It’s a large value discount that is not available at any other local Japanese establishments. And as for the dine-in promotion, all dine-in orders will receive a 5% discount starting this week. It’s part of their effort to ramp up in-restaurant bookings as opposed to the usual take-out.

“Though we are appreciative of every form of business we receive at Yoi Sushi, we want more people to know about our luxurious and intoxicating restaurant ambience than can only be experienced from dining-in,” said Franki, Founder and Owner of Yoi Sushi. “We want everyone to enjoy themselves when they eat with us, which is why we’ve rolled out two brand new promotions this week.”

To book the birthday promotion, guests will need to put in a reservation and confirm the promo as part of the package. For both the birthday and dine-in discount, ticket links are provided below for redeeming the promotions.

“We’re in business to make as many people happy as possible,” said Franki. “That starts with apt promotions. Spread the word on the announcement of our two new promotions, and head on over to our website to learn more about our dishes, entrees, appetizers, and sushi menu.”

Dine-in coupon:


Flushing, NY – Yoi Sushi, New York’s latest Japanese sushi eatery that offers an exquisite menu of sushi, signature dishes, bento boxes, and other Japanese staples, this week announced they are now offering a “Boat Party Tray” option to everyone looking for a special food display at their establishment.

Unlike other Japanese eateries that offer the same kind of concept, but end up bringing out plain sushi on a normal platter, Yoi Sushi’s Boat Party Tray will come out in an actual wooden boat, making for a fun, celebratory spectacle every single time.

“When we say Boat Party Tray, we mean it,” said Franki, Manager of Yoi Sushi. “We take our sushi creation and presentation equally serious here, which means our Boat Party Trays come out in actual boats with the sushi expertly arranged for the most authentic display possible.”

Yoi Sushi officially opened its doors to New York patrons earlier this month. Guests at the new restaurant can now enjoy a carefully crafted menu of traditional Japanese eats, including sushi, bento boxes, soba noodles, and so on. Yoi Sushi also offer signature dishes that customers won’t be able to find elsewhere, including duck sushi made with roasted duck, avocado, and lettuce wrapped in a rice pancake.

The chefs at Yoi Sushi make each dish from locally sourced, fresh ingredients. Customers can also place orders online with the new establishment.

“We are dedicated to providing top-notch service that reflects our passion and commitment to Japanese cuisine here at Yoi Sushi,” said Franki. “Spread the word on our official store opening, and head on over to our website today to peruse our extensive menu.”