Yoi Sushi

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Hi, I am interested in trying your place. I saw some promotion a while ago in wechat. Can you send me the new promotion if there is one? Thanks
Dean Burgess
Hi, Many home chefs and foodies dream of opening up their own restaurant (I’ve actually toyed with the idea myself), but it can be an intimidating undertaking. However, today, there are lots of tools and methods for setting yourself up for success, especially when it comes to minimizing startup costs and getting the word out about your new business. Does your site accept submissions from guest contributors? If so, I’d love to write something for you. My article would be around 600 - 700 words and offer ideas and tips for keeping costs low when starting a restaurant, including how to take a less-conventional path like using a pop-up restaurant to get your food in front of people, how to find funding, how to take advantage of free and low-cost advertising opportunities, and more. Please let me know if this is something you’re willing to consider, and thank you in advance for the opportunity! Thanks, Dean Burgess
Jim Ruzycki
Hi my name is Jim Ruzycki and I would like to feature your restaurant on our website and mobile app. is the largest search engine for restaurants. There are no contracts, bills or fees for what we do. I would love the opportunity to speak with you and explain the benefits of our program. If you have any questions please feel free to email, or give me a call at 224-323-7847 Thanks, Jim